Jeff Pulver

Jeff Pulver

Executive Vice Chairman @ Skrumble

Jeff Pulver is an American Internet entrepreneur known for his work as founder and chief executive of and co-founder of Free World Dialup, Vonage, the VON Coalition and Blockchain Token Association.

Pulver started his business career on Wall Street as an expert in fixed-income securities and a developer of trading systems. Pulver is known as Voice over Internet Protocol pioneer, and has written extensively on VoIP telephony, and the need to develop an alternative to government regulation of its applications layer.

The results of Jeff Pulver’s dedication to the future of communication technology, together with his focused efforts in communicating with global regulatory agencies, has resulted in Jeff being the person who literally helped change the way the world communicates.

Many people living on the Internet these days take for granted the ability to engage in one-on-one or one to many, voice and/or video chats, for free. This feature of the Internet era was forseen years ago, but only came into being after the passing of what is known as the Pulver Order.