Jowan Österlund

Jowan Österlund

CEO @ Biohax

Jowan Österlund founded Biohax International in 2013 having over 15 years of experience in sterile procedure for piercing and body modification.

With a fast-growing community and partnerships in Europe, Nordics, and the U.S, Biohax is expanding its footprint across the world as a global leader in using the art of body modification combined with high-quality biochip-implants to enable an efficient and seamless lifestyle with the aim to minimise friction and time loss in everyday life encounters.

Biohax has implanted 3,000 microchips in people’s bodies, usually their hands. The microchip enables various uses, including making payments.

Jowan also leads progress for standardisation on bio-devices for the public and is involved in the relevant regulatory process and development of legislation. He is currently the leading safe and secure Biochip installer in the world.

Jowan is the acting President of ASAP, the Swedish Association of Professional Piercing. The vision of this association is to further develop the industry and implant practice to uphold the highest standards for proper health safety measurements and quality assurances. Jowan is a firm advocate of safe and secure processes.