Kevin Liu

Director @ BUMO Foundation

Mr. Liu is leading the global ecosystem building for BUMO. He initiated the Global Ambassador Project and now this Project is upgraded to the Global Open Community Governance Program, with the participated local communities in Toronto, New York, Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco. Mr. Liu is the Founder of the new Token Economy Institute, a “DAC” organization focusing on token economics research, practice, application, and multi-disciplinary collaboration. He is also an active speaker in many conferences and the writer for Hackernoon, with the research topics covering Token Economics, Governance model, DeFi, STO, Lay 2 Protocol, and Enterprises Use Cases in the Blockchain. Mr. Liu had over 5 years’ experience in strategic investment(NYSE: STV) and was the head of Investment Banking practice for Analysys Capital, he was also an entrepreneur of a mobile internet project(Mobile TV APP, with the total downloads of 160M). Mr. Liu graduated from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (MBA).