Stewart Rogers

Stewart Rogers

Managing Editor, GritDaily and Analyst-at-large, VentureBeat @

Stewart Rogers is a journalist, analyst, public speaker, author, startup founder, musician, and “digital nomad.”

Rogers is the seventh most influential person in marketing technology globally. That makes him the James Bond of martech (007 out of 100), and yes, he’s British, owns a tuxedo, and is known for his gadgets. He both breaks the story and makes the news.

Rogers is best known for his speeches and work on mental health in the tech industry. He helps to shine a light on a serious issue and provides those that need it with the help and support required to stay alive and at their best. Other than his mental health keynote – which he delivers to audiences across the globe – every speech he gives is new and unique. A former analyst, Rogers uses the latest research and data to explain what is happening both now and next.

As the Managing Editor at Grit Daily, and Analyst-at-large at VentureBeat, he checks the pulse of marketing technology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, and blockchain technologies, as well as the video game industry and the future of daily life.

As a seasoned speaker, moderator, interviewer, and emcee/host, he’s delivered newsworthy talks at events including, Web Summit, Slush, Pioneers Festival, MobileBeat, CUBE Tech Fair, Capital Week, Engage Prague, Postback, Unbounce CTA, and more. His interviews span Hollywood stars, Oscar-nominated film-makers, CEOS of top tech companies, and platinum-selling musicians.

Before VentureBeat, Rogers managed several successful software companies and held global roles in sales and marketing for businesses in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K. He has contributed to several sales and marketing books, papers, and publications.

When he’s not talking (and telling jokes) on stage, he’s singing both his own and other artists’ songs and is as comfortable in front of audiences from 10,000 to 10.