Yuval Samet

CEO @ riseup

Yuval is a product manager and entrepreneur at heart with a passion for solving people’s pains through value-driven products. Yuval co-founded Analyzd, a fraud-protection company, which in 2011 was acquired by Klarna. Yuval joined Klarna and there he built the Klarna Tel-Aviv R&D center, founded the product group as Chief Product Officer (CPO) and finally acted as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). After 5 years at Klarna and 3 in Sweden, he moved back to Israel to build Impact Technology products for Israelis.

In 2017 he founded riseup, a Profit-with-Purpose startup which uses cutting-edge technology to help middle and lower income Israeli families get out of debt and reach financial health. He is currently CEO and Product Manager of riseup. Yuval runs a Product Leadership bootcamp out of Tel Aviv, aimed to build the next generation of product managers in Israel.